About Me



Welcome to my home-page!
My name is Paul Obdeijn and I come from Deventer in the Netherlands.

This site is about diving in the Red Sea. 
I have put some information about Sharm and the diving around Sharm El Sheikh on these pages and a description of the main divesites. If you have any additions to the descriptions of the dive-sites, please e-mail me. 
On the 'Links' page you will find a link to a good dive-operator in Sharm (Oonas).
If you need some more information about diving in Sharm El Sheikh, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

You will find a lot of pictures I made in Sharm El Sheikh (Red Sea) and some useful links.
I started photographing in 1999 and on this page you will find the results.



I am using an Nikon F50 SLR in an Ikelite Housing, with an Ikelite 100a Substrobe.
All the pictures are made on slidefilm (Fuji sensia 100 ASA).



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This site was updated july 2004. Complete new design. Thanks to the guys of Graphic Experiment for the design templates.